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One way to recognize chapter members is by nominating them for awards. Chapters can also be recognized for all the work they do through award nominations.  Any member can make nominations using the following forms (click on the title to go to the form).   This is only a partial list of nomination forms -- more can be found on the Minnesota Women of Today website listed in the book of forms

President & State Delegate Medallion Nomination

Chapter Presidents, State Delegates, and Executive Council members are honored with Presidential Medallions. The Medallion is similar to the Presidential Pin in that it honors an officer who has given outstanding effort or gone the extra mile as a leader. Any member can nominate an officer for a Presidential Medallion.

Presidential Pin

The Presidential Pin honors a member who has done a great job in her local chapter, on the district level and/or for the state organization. Any member except Chapter Presidents, State Delegates and Executive Council members are eligible to be nominated for a Presidential Pin. Any member can nominate another member for a Presidential Pin.

Outstanding LPM (Local Program Manager)

The Outstanding Local Program Manager (LPM) award honors an LPM who has done a great job in their local chapter for a specific programming area. One LPM from each programming area can be Page 3 of 7 © Minnesota Women of Today Last Updated April 2015 awarded an Outstanding LPM award at each State Meeting. Chapter Presidents and District Program Managers typically nominate LPMs for this award.

Project of the Trimester

One project from each programming area is recognized as the Project of the Trimester at each State convention. A Chapter President, District Director, Project Chair, Local Program Manager or District Program Manager can nominate a project for this award. This is one way to share a great project idea with other chapters around the state.


Overview and complete list of Awards

MNWT Awards

Awards Listing

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