Programming Areas

Internal Programming Areas 

These areas benefit or service our members

and our chapter.

Living and Learning

This area was developed to encourage a member's personal growth --mentally, spiritually, civically and through family.  This area was not available prior to the 2009-2010 year.

Ways and Means

Each chapter needs to raise funds for normal operating expenses and also raise funds to help local and state organizations.  

Records and Recognition

This area is designed to help keep those important project records on file.  Ideas for chapter histories come from this area as do awards and incentive ideas.  This area promotes the USWT Project Recognition program; advertising and promoting outstanding projects in each programming area; and encouraging members to improve themselves.


This is the official newspaper of the Minnesota Women of Today. Every member is encouraged to submit an article to this newspaper to share joys and success

External Programming Areas 


These areas benefit the local community

or state endorsed foundations

Community Connections

This area was developed to assist chapters to become significantly involved in their local communities and to increase recognition of a chapter's joint ventures with community organizations.

Women's Wellness

Women's Wellness is focused on providing and supporting women's health education through traditional an holistic medical practices as well as balanced lifestyles.  Highlights include promoting the March of Dimes Walk America and promoting other health areas affecting women today.

Youth of Today

This area covers a wide variety of projects whenever a service is provided to our communities, either directly or indirectly.  This area promotes ideas and activities that allow youth to discover and experience the importance of volunteering and also promotes foundations related to youth activities such as:

  • Outstanding Young Adult Award

  • Outstanding Person with Developmental Challenges

Crescent Cove - Priority Area

The WT Priority Area changes every 3 years.  Through May 2024 Crescent Cove Youth Hospice will be our Priority Area.  Crescent Cove offers care and support to children and young adults with a shortened life-expectancy, and their families who love them.  

The Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids opened in May 2018 on Twin Lakes in Brooklyn Center, MN. This joyful home-away-from home is a place for where families who care for children with life-threatening conditions to utilize for short breaks of rest, or an option beyond the hospital or home environment for compassionate, end-of-life care.

Around the United States, there are over 4,700 hospice homes for adults; the Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids is Minnesota's first and only home designed just for children and their unique needs, and just the third of its kind in the United States. A vibrant and joyful home-away-from home, our goal is to help families feel Embraced, Assured, and Celebrated.

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