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Officer Positions

Officer Position Definitions and Responsibilities

These officers, along with the past president, will make up the chapter board. The chapter board meets monthly to discuss the agenda for the upcoming general membership meeting.  This is a summary of possible duties. The by-laws and/or policies for each chapter may include additional information.



  • Presides over meetings of the chapter including setting an agenda for each meeting. The entire board should assist in finalizing the agenda.

  • She also oversees other officer positions, assisting when necessary.

  • Attends as many district, state, and area meetings as possible.

  • She may also assist in the completion of SUCCESS each quarter and submit a year-end and/or mid-year evaluation.

  • Completes monthly reports.

  • Attends training (LOTS, District).

  • Assists with chapter training of board.  Assists with chapter training of local program managers if requested.


State Delegate

  • The official liaison between the chapter and the district and state organization.

  • Should attend as many district and state meetings as possible.

  • Responsible for RSVPing for district, state, and area meetings.

  • Reports to chapter about the highlights of convention and other meetings after attending.

  • May also submit a year-end and/or mid-year evaluation.


Internal and External Vice Presidents (IVP) (EVP) 

  • Encourages local program managers (LPM).

  • Helps orientate the LPMs.

  • Reminds LPMs of quarterly report deadlines.

  • Helps recruit members to take programming positions.

  • Assists in reporting in the areas that do not have an LPM.


Membership Vice President (MVP)

  • Assists the chapter with membership responsibilities including renewals, membership nights, orientation of new members, and installation of new members.



  • Keeps the official minutes of each meeting.

  • May also serve as the official contact with the PALS chapter.

  • May coordinate chapter newsletter.



  • Keeps track of the chapter finances.

  • Manages the checkbook and reports the financial status of the chapter at each meeting.

  • Assists with annual Audit.



  • Reads the orders of the day at each meeting.

  • Establishes if there is a quorum at the meeting.

  • Assists in the voting process.

  • May be chair of the Bylaw/Policy review committee.

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