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What We Do

Fridley Women of Today is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization that is dedicated to service, growth and fellowship.  We believe in giving back to the community by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing service and support through projects that can help strengthen and benefit many local organizations.  Throughout the year we are involved with several service projects such as conducting a food drive for our local food shelf or providing support for Bundles of Love Org. or Alexandra House.  Every summer we hold a school supply drive for our local schools and at least quarterly we get together to clean-up litter and trash from a stretch of East River Road as part of the Adopt A Highway program. We also take part in other projects like baking cookies for Habitat for Humanity or making fleece blankets for local hospitals and animal shelters.

Last year our chapter volunteered almost 1,000 service hours and contributed nearly $10,000 in cash donations and in-kind gifts back to our community……just imagine what we can do this year!

We also like to have lots of fun so we have several social events during the year like going out for dinners, hosting game nights or having a wine and cheese tasting party.   One year our chapter's theme was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and that is exactly what we are continuing to do!


Fridley Women of Today promotes service to others and is involved with community projects and local programs.  We are always on the lookout for new service opportunities to get involved with. Some of our projects have included:


  • Adopt A Highway

  • Annual Food Drive for SACA Food Shelf

  • Santa's Workshop

  • Annual School Supply Drive

  • Can Do Canines

  • Sandwiches for the Homeless

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

  • Support Wishes and More

  • Collect toys for local food shelf

  • Feed My Starving Children

  • Making Fleece Blankets

  • Support Breaking Free

  • Adopt a Park Program

  • Appreciation Bags for Local Police Dept


We offer a variety of leadership and personal growth opportunities to help develop skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals. It also serves us well by interacting with other people and becoming better and more capable leaders.  Through individual growth programs, you can learn to better express yourself, to set and achieve goals and to develop management techniques.  We offer you the challenge to become involved, to work toward a better community and to become all you can be.   Women of Today strongly believes that growth occurs through self-confidence and learning to work effectively with others. 


  • Leadership Training

  • Effective Speaking

  • Effective Writing

  • Personal Enrichment Courses

  • Certifications


Membership in Women of Today offers the opportunity to develop close friendships with other women who share similar interests. 

Socials and other fun events are held regularly to provide our members the opportunity to interact and form long lasting friendships.


  • Birthday Socials

  • Movies

  • Cookbook Book Club

  • Silly Suppers

  • Wine & Cheese Tasting

  • Holiday Parties

  • Pop-Up Socials

  • Dinner Nights

  • Nature Walks

About Us

About Fridley Women of Today

The purpose of Fridley Women of Today is to empower it's members to achieve personal growth through involvement in community service, participation in leadership education, and in forming lasting friendships.  Our chapter was established in 1959 and currently has 16 members.  Fridley Women of Today is a local chapter of the Minnesota Women of Today and is a division of the United States Women of Today.  We are currently a part of Minnesota District 7 which is made up of the Fridley, White Bear Lake, New Hope, Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park chapters.

About Minnesota Women of Today

The Minnesota Women of Today started as the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota in May of 1950 by a group of dedicated women with a mission of community service.  After several name and organizational changes through the years, a Supreme Court decision in 1984 disaffiliated it from the Jaycees and the Minnesota Women of Today was formed on July 1st, 1985 having 184 chapters, 30 districts and 3,670 members.  In conjunction with the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota, the national organization of the US Jayceettes was established in June of 1974. After the dissolution of the US Jaycee Women in July of 1985, the US Women of Today was established in 1986.

Minnesota Women of Today Mission Statement

The mission of the Minnesota Women of Today is to help women improve their own lives and the lives of the people in the communities around them. This organization shall be a place in which women are actively encouraged to become involved and hold positions of leadership.  

The organization shall provide opportunities for all members:

1)   To contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing

       services or education to benefit community members.

2)   To develop and to foster skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals,

       interacting well with other people, and becoming capable leaders.

3)   To develop friendships and to find personal support within the organization.

Minnesota Women of Today Creed

We, the Women of Today, are service, growth and fellowship.

We believe that through us, great lessons can be learned, worthy deeds performed 

and a hand of fellowship extended to millions of women everywhere.

May we leave the world a better place because we lived and served within it.

US Women of Today Creed

We, the United States Women of Today,

are dedicated to serving our community and nation,

are committed to strengthening our individual talents,

and stand united by our friendship and belief in the future.

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